Protect your Authorize.net with Cards Shield!

Download CardsShield Gateway Authorize.net

Important changes:

  1. Fix long invoice prefix issue.
  2. Send more order details to Authorize.
Step1: How to install
  1. Download the latest plugin version above.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now

Step2: How to configure CardsShield Gateway Authorize.net

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > CardsShield Gateway Authorize.net.
  2. Configure as below.
    • Enable/Disable: Checked.
    • Title: this title will be shown on the checkout page as the payment gateway name.
    • Statement Descriptor: This will be shown on customer’s credit card statement. If you leave it blank, the default statement descriptor on your Authorize.net account will be used. We recommend you to use a short name of your website in order to avoid disputes.
    • Invoice Prefix: Will be add to Description in Authorize.net order details. This can be blank.
  3. Configure proxies (shields).
    • Click on Config Proxies button or Go to left side main menu > CardsShield Authorize.net.
      • Rotation method: There are 2 rotation methods, Time and Amount. Time rotation: the system will automatically switch between proxies (shields) according to a predefined time interval. Amount rotation:
      • Proxy URL: It’s also called shield URL, you need to input full url of the proxy including https:// and please remove / at the end of the domain. for example, https://Authorize.netshield1.com
      • Time or Amount: Time is in minutes. Amount is in default currency of the store.
      • Active proxy (shield) is highlighted in GREEN color.
      • You can force active a proxy (shield) by select a checkbox and click on the Force active button.
      • If you don’t want to receive money to some proxies (shields), you can move them to Unused List. and you can only remove proxies (shields) if they are in Unused List.
  4. Confirmation
    • Go to the checkout page of the store which you have install CardsShield Gateway Authorize.net in. If the credit card form shows up properly as below, you have configured successfully.

How to update

Auto update on Plugin Manager

Go to Plugins > CardsShield Gateway Authorize.net > Then, click update now button.

Manually update

Note: In case update now button does not show up, you need to update the plugin manually.

  1. Download the latest plugin version here or by clicking on the download icon above.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now

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